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Working together to Fight FGM

Today is the International Day for Zero Tolerance to FGM

Ashiana have been working with South Yorkshire Police to develop their FGM response. Our FGM support group helped to develop the poster that you should see on your social media and up around South Yorkshire. The poster and the case study are attached and a list of our key events this week is below.

Ashiana have been working in Sheffield and beyond since 1981, at the front line of the campaign against FGM as well as supporting the victims, survivors and community activists. We are an active member of the Sheffield FGM Task and Finish Group, working with schools, local authority heads, the NHS, the Police and community representatives and we run a weekly support group for FGM survivors. If you would like to join our support group please get in touch.

We also have a comprehensive training package on the effects of FGM, the best practice when supporting victims and what the obligations of schools, hospitals and local authority workers have if they suspect FGM has taken place or a child is in danger of FGM.

If you would like to know more about what we do, would like to enquire about training or if you or someone you know needs support please call our helpline – 0114 255 5740

Together we can end FGM. It’s #myissuetoo


This week Ashaina will be speaking at:

Obstetrics & Gynaecology Society at University of Sheffield

Sheffield Feminist Network

Students for Global health Sheffield at University of Sheffield

Case Study

FGM Zero Tolerance Poster