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Ashiana Sheffield – Big Lottery Funded Projects 2016

Combatting Violence through Empowerment

From February 2016, Ashiana will deliver the Big Lottery funded ‘Combatting Violence through Empowerment’ project.  The 3-year project follows on from our previous ‘Empowerment through Advocacy’ project and is further enhanced based on learning and findings throughout.

This project will support women and girls from BAMER communities in Sheffield that have experienced or are at risk of experiencing violence and homicide.  The project will also aim at supporting women who have experienced isolation, discrimination and oppression.

This will be delivered in 3 strands:

1) Information, support, advice and advocacy for women experiencing violence such as domestic and sexual abuse within a range of multiple perpetrator systems such as forced marriage, human trafficking, gang violence, ritual and ‘honour’ based violence. The project will offer a personalised, responsive and holistic package of specialised support to women based on their gender and cultural needs in a safe, women only environment.  This will be delivered through drop-in sessions, appointments, group work and access to specialist services.

2) Training, Volunteering and Mentoring.  The project will also offer opportunities for personal and professional development and service user involvement through the delivery of a bespoke volunteering and mentoring programme ‘Experts by Experience’.

3) Early Intervention, Awareness Raising and Partnership Training.   Ashiana will deliver training and awareness sessions for other third sector, private and public sector organisations across the region around the gender and culturally specific needs of women from BAMER communities.

Combatting Human Trafficking

This 3-year Big Lottery funded project will commence in Spring 2016 and will aim to combat the incidence and impact of trafficking and the commercial sexual exploitation of migrant women in Yorkshire and the Humber. The project will improve detection, provide support services, undertake action research to collect evidence to support policy change to significantly improve the quality of life and outcomes for trafficked women.

The project will:

  • Provide information, support and sanctuary through drop-in sessions, appointments, and sign-posting to specialist support.
  • Improve services for trafficked women through the delivery of specialist training to relevant workers and volunteers within organisations to identify trafficked people more effectively and provide well informed interventions.

The project will also research the nature and scale of trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation of migrant women in Yorkshire and the Humber and make recommendations for policy/service improvement as well as enabling women and those organisations that are supporting them to have their voices heard to secure better services and protection.

For more information on any of these projects, contact us.